ASET Ultimate Air Affair - Salt Lake City

                          Documentary Trailer 

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ASET Workshop Classroom

Pamela Shanteau with Deb Mahan

Ultimate Air Affair Host Sherri Candland Welcomes attendees

Artists in VooDoo Swing Lounge

Sherri Candland introduces Ultimate Air Affair instructors

Bob Soroka creates unique airbrush air source

Pam Shanteau with Mr.Artool Gabe McCubbin

Mike Lavalle works on his art panel

Pam discusses painting technique with student

Ron Gibbs demonstrates Old School flames

Pam Shanteau Airbrushes Panel

Dennis Mathewson works on wood grain effect

Mike Lavallee Demonstrates his flame technique

Vandemon teaches ripped metal effect

Paul Quinn lends a hand to students

Gerald Mendez teaches space scene

Pam Paints GORT from the film The Day the Earth Stood Still

Bob Soroka's Art Gallery Panel

Pam with Bob Soroka and Craig Fraser

ASET Art  Gallery

Shanteau Documentary Interview

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